Car Leasing – Jaguar E Pace Diesel Estate 2.0d R Dynamic S 5 Door – 6+47 – £355.66 per month

In terms of design, the Jaguar E Pace Diesel Estate 2.0d R Dynamic S 5 Door is recognisably a Jaguar, but the designers haven’t just created a shrunken F-Pace. The baby Jaguar SUV has its own distinctive proportions, with shorter front and rear overhangs, while the low roof line is said to be inspired by the F-Type coupe. Inside, the dashboard layout is more familiar, with lots of existing Jaguar switchgear and materials used to create an upmarket ambience.

Make and Model – Jaguar E Pace Diesel Estate 2.0d R Dynamic S 5 Door

Contract Mileage – 10,000 per annum

Finance Terms – 6+47 – £355.66 per month plus vat. (6+47 means that you pay 6 months as a deposit then 47 monthly payments thereafter – in this example £2,133.96 deposit and £355.66 per month plus vat for 47 months).

Paint Work / Spec – Solid Paint / 2WD

Fuel – Diesel

Transmission – Manual

Availability Notes – TBA

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Contract Types Simply Explained;
Outright Purchase – An on the road cash price can be paid in one payment or over a variable length finance agreement. The vehicle will be yours at the end of the agreement. Monthly payments will be higher than the equivalent lease contracts.
Personal Contract Purchase – This is basically a loan to help you get a car but unlike a personal loan you do not pay of the full value of the vehicle and do not own it at the end. This means that the monthly payments are kept lower than a personal loan.

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