Van Leasing – Isuzu N75-150 Manual Twin Dropside (5 Meter Internal) – In Stock – £34,795 +vat +£220rfl OTR

Isuzu N75-150 Manual Twin Dropside (5 Meter Internal) – In Stock –

In stock but unregistered.

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Isuzu N75-150 Manual Twin Dropside
Isuzu N75-150 Manual Twin Dropside 7.5 tonner makes a neat trick of maximising its payload. The cab itself is a stripped-down, minimalist affair at two metres wide, which means there is more weight available to the load. Empty, the trucks can weigh as little as 3.5 tonnes, leaving a chunky four tonnes for payload. It is not a luxurious cab and the pared-back work environment takes a bit of getting used to, but it is adequate for the job of urban deliveries and intercity day routes. Although sparse, the cab is well laid out and feels bigger than its two-metre dimensions suggest. Cross cab access is good and the centre seat folds away when not in use to offer a handy table; a nice touch. Plenty of glass provides good all-round visibility and the body panels are tweaked to produce a fairly modern and stylish aerodynamic design.

Make and Model – Isuzu N75-150 Manual Twin Dropside

Contract Mileage – TBA

Finance Terms – £34,795 +vat +£220rfl OTR. Finance Deals are available.

Paint Work – Solid Paint

Fuel/Spec – Petrol, Twin Dropside (5 Meter Internal)

Availability Notes – In Stock, Delivery mileage & un registered.

Contract Types Simply Explained;
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Personal Contract Purchase – This is basically a loan to help you get a car but unlike a personal loan you do not pay of the full value of the vehicle and do not own it at the end. This means that the monthly payments are kept lower than a personal loan.

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